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Making an Appointment

To schedule your appointment, you may call, email or fill out the form above. Dr. Baron will reply to appointment requests within 24 hours. A complimentary 15-minute phone consultation is available if you would like to explain why you are seeking the appointment and to learn a bit more about Baron Therapy and Testing Services.

No Obligation Meeting

The initial appointment is considered a no obligation meeting. It is a chance to assess for “fit” to see if YOU feel like our relationship would be a good fit. This is an opportunity for you to get to know me, to tell me your story and to see what options are available as we proceed with therapy. At the end of the initial meeting, there is no “hard sell.” If you would like to make another appointment at the end of our first meeting, we can do that. If you would like to think about it, that is also an option. If you do decide to continue meeting with Dr. Baron, then payment is made for the initial meeting.

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