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Women's Concerns

Post-partum Concerns

With the much anticipated arrival of baby, it can be a huge let down to feel depressed and/or anxious over this new supposed bundle of joy. 

Depression versus the Blues

Postpartum depression and/or anxiety can be downright disheartening to the new mom and her family. There is a difference between post-partum depression/anxiety and the postpartum blues. The more serious post-partum depression and/or anxiety is when the mom feels overwhelmed and everyday, mundane tasks seem insurmountable with no apparent relief in sight. Blues may last few a few hours a day and, with minor support, the new mom can feel renewed and uplifted. In either case of postpartum anxiety/depression or postpartum blues, therapy can be helpful by providing support and coping skills for negative emotions.

Signs of post-partum depression and/or anxiety can​ include:

  • Feeling excessively worried

  • Having difficulty sleeping

  • Experiencing outbursts of crying

  • Making mountains out of molehills

  • Often confused

  • Feeling a lack of motivation

  • Feeling a lack of interest in caring for yourself

  • Anger toward your partner

  • Anger toward your baby

Regarding Therapy and Mothers:

Babies are always welcome at your sessions. However, it is recommended that you come by yourself, if possible. This way, you may have undivided attention on you and your process. If circumstances deem that your baby will be with you during your sessions, please know you may change diapers, bottle-feed, breastfeed, walk around, hum, sway, etc.

Helping women cope with the adjusting to the new baby and the new role of motherhood is a specialty of Dr. Baron's.

HypnoBirthing® for Fertility

Have you ever heard of the couple who was told they could not get pregnant so they adopt and, lo and behold, they end up pregnant? When the pressure to conceive is gone, a pregnancy ensues.

Fertility Therapy with hypnosis assumes:​

  • A psychological aspect is blocking the body from becoming pregnant/impregnating.

  • Through hypnosis, this block can be identified in the subconscious.

  • Working through the block allows the body to become pregnant/impregnate.

  • Mind-body healing takes place during the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis.

Whether you are male or female, some psychological issues can negatively affect you and interfere with your fertility. HypnoBirthing® Fertility Therapy can be used with both the mom-to-be and/or the dad-to-be.

Psychological issues that can interfere with fertility: ​

  • Abortions

  • Miscarriages

  • Sexual abuse

The first step is for both you and your partner to come for a no obligation, initial consultation. This involves both an interview with Dr. Baron and some question/answer assessments. A program will be designed based on this consultation to assist you in becoming pregnant/impregnating.


HypnoBirthing®Fertility Therapy can be used individually or in conjunction with traditional Western fertility treatments including IVF and IUI.

HypnoBirthing® Classes

Can you imagine finding peace and relaxation throughout the birthing process? Join the Moms who are changing their views on childbirth.

HypnoBirthing® is an empowering method of learning to birth your baby in a relaxed, reduced tension atmosphere. This method teaches you to be physically, mentally and spiritually prepared for childbirth while reducing your awareness of fear, anxiety and pain. When a relaxed state is realized, you can birth your baby in a more comfortable and peaceful manner. Childbirth is indeed a natural process that our bodies were made for.

HypnoBirthing® teaches you and your birth partner:​

  • How the female body was designed to birth babies.

  • How to work with that design.

  • How to utilize the mind-body connection to re-learn the way you think about birth.

You will learn this through watching films of other mothers utilizing the HypnoBirthing® method and by learning how to create and maintain a state of deep relaxation (self-hypnosis). This class meets by appointment over a five-week period for approximately one hour per meeting and video homework assignments. Classes should commence about 6-8 weeks prior to your estimated due date.

Please visit the FAQ page for Dr. Baron's answers to common HypnoBirthing® questions.

For more information, please see the HypnoBirthing® website at:

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