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Testing Services

Dr. Baron is present in the room for the duration of your test. All testing is confidential and will only be released after the proper releases have been signed.

All tests are administered by Dr. Baron.

Testing is conducted by appointment only:
1 ) Book a free consultation to determine the necessity and/or types of assessments.
2 ) If testing is deemed necessary, another appointment is made for the test(s).
3 ) After the test results are finalized, the parent or adult will have an additional appointment to receive the report. This is a great opportunity to ask questions as needed.

Psychoeducational Testing

Psychoeducational testing is typically administered when a child is experiencing difficulty with acquisition, maintenance or demonstration of knowledge, as typically demonstrated in a school setting.

Psychological Testing

Psychological and personality testing is typically administered when a person (adult or child) is experiencing suspected emotional issues such as depression and/or anxiety. 

Admissions Testing

Admissions testing is performed upon request when a child needs a specific psychological test, typically an intelligence test, to be administered in order to be considered for admission to a private school.

Adoption Evaluation

Several countries now require psychological evaluations as part of the adoption process. The typical adoption evaluation typically requires a clinical interview with a psychologist and then the administration of objective psychological evaluation such as the MMPI.

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