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Therapy Services

The first step with therapy is making sure we are a good match.

Our first meeting is a free, no obligation consultation where you can get a feel for me and I can get to better know you. If you decide to continue, then the initial meeting is considered the first session and payment is rendered. Together from this point, we will decide how the selected service(s) should proceed.

Individual Therapy

For Adults, Teens, and Children. Therapy can be used to treat depression and anxiety and related disorders or, simply, for support during a difficult time. Sports Therapy sessions are available for all ages to improve performance and/or emotional regulation. Specific plans are based on your individual needs. Often times, Family Therapy sessions help create specific plans for better functioning within the family unit.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is for you and your partner if you are having difficulties amongst yourselves or within the family unit. Problems you may face in your relationship range from basic communication skills and showing mutual respect to infidelity.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy has its roots in Systems Therapy where you and each member contribute like a cog in the wheel of the family system. Family Therapy is a top-down approach where parents (or adults) work together to set the tone for the rest of the family and identify the issues and the goals for the family. 


While in-person therapy is often desirable, it is not always possible given travel restrictions, illness, etc. Dr. Baron uses a HIPPA compliant, secure video conferencing platform to conduct your session remotely. 

Women's Concerns

Post-partum depression and/or anxiety is when you feel overwhelmed and everyday mundane tasks may seem insurmountable and there is no apparent relief in sight. Helping you cope with and adjust to the new baby and the new role of motherhood is one of Dr. Baron's specialties. HypnoFertility® assumes that there is some psychological aspect blocking your body from becoming pregnant. Hypnobirthing® is a method that uses self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques to help you feel physically, mentally and spiritually prepared for childbirth with reduced awareness of fear, anxiety and pain.

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