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Adoption Resources


  • The Connected Child  by Karen Purvis

  • Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted Child  by Nancy Newton Verrier


Birth and Fertility Resources


  • HypnoBirthing: The Monahan Method  by Maureen Monahan

  • Mind Over Labor  by Carl Jones

  • Guide to Childbirth  by Ina May Gaskin

  • Coping with Infertility, Miscarriage and Neonatal Loss  by Amy Wenzel, PhD


Local Resources:

Birth Fertility

Breastfeeding Resources


  • Guide to Breastfeeding  by Ina May Gaskin

  • The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding  by La Leche League

Lactation Consultation:


Couples' Resources


  • Fair Play  by Eve Rodsky

  • Getting the Love You Want  by Harville Hendrix

  • The 5 Love Languages  by Gary Chapman

  • The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work  by John Gottman, PhD and Nan Silver


Education Resources


  • Driven to Distraction  by Edward M. Hallowell, MD and John J. Ratey, MD

  • The Gift of Dyslexia by Ronald Davis


Parenting Resources


  • Happiest Baby on The Block  by Harvey Karp, MD

  • Touchpoints  by T. Berry Brazelton, MD

  • Scream Free Parenting  by Hal Runkel, LMFT

  • The Defiant Child  by Alan Kazdin, MD

  • Untangled  by Lisa Damour, PhD

  • Freeing Your Child from Negative Thinking  by Tamar E. Chansky, PhD

  • The Five Love Languages of Children  by Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell, MD

  • Reset Your Child’s Brain  by Victoria L. Dunckley, MD

  • The Whole Brain Child  by Daniel J. Siegel, MD

  • The Yes Brain  by Daniel J. Siegel, MD

  • Get Out of My Life, but First Could You Drive Me and Cheryl to the Mall  by Anthony E. Wolf, PhD

  • Mom, Jason’s Breathing on Me  by Anthony E. Wolf, PhD

  • Why Do You Have to Get a Divorce  by Anthony E. Wolf, PhD

  • I’d Listen to My Parents if They’d Just Shut Up  by Anthony E. Wolf, PhD



Self-Help Resources


  • Self-Compassion  by Kristin Neff, PhD

  • Unstuck  by James Gordon, MD

  • Daring Greatly  by Brene Brown, PhD, LMSW

  • The Miracle Morning  by Hal Elrod

  • Innercise  by John Assaraf

  • The Body Keeps the Score  by Besser Van Der Kolk, MD


TED Talks:

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Sports Psychology


  • Golf is Not a Game of Perfect  by Dr. Bob Rotella

  • Sports Psychoogy for Dummies  by Leif H. Smith, PsyD

  • How Champions Think  by Dr. Bob Rotella

  • Bringing Your “A” Game  by Jennifer Etnier

  • The Champions Mind  by Jim Afermow, PhD

  • The Brave Athlete  by Simon Marshall, PhD and Lesley Paterson

Sports Psych
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