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Couples' Therapy

Couples Therapy Approach

There are many stressors that you and your partner can encounter. They can range from having children, financial issues, infidelity and anything in between. The approach of coupes therapy begins with three stages:

1 ) A joint session where both of you come together to tell your story.

2 ) Individual sessions that allow you to express your viewpoint uninterrupted and without judgment.

3 ) A following session where a plan forward will be shared with you and your partner.

Couples Therapy Concepts:

  • You can only change yourself.

By changing something that you do, you may get a different reaction from your partner. This is one way that the process of change in a dynamic is derived. For example, you may have read the book The Five Love Languages and have identified your own love language. It is common to then impose that love language on your partner rather than giving them their needs based on their own love language.

  • Mutual respect is essential.

By the time you have reached the want -or need- for therapy, the concept of mutual respect has often deteriorated and withered away. Name calling, sarcasm and blaming do very little to further and strengthen your relationship.

In summary, the couples therapy approach for developing success in your relationship includes identifying your goals for therapy and identifying your individual needs. Additionally, understanding that you can only change yourself while developing mutual respect with your partner is of utmost importance. 

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