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On Being a Happy Mom

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Being a full-time stay-at-home-Mom, while rewarding, can be brutal. Self-imposed stress is all too common. Taking small breaks along the way, may be your ticket to rejuvenating your joy as a mother.

A friend of mine once told me that she read somewhere:

“Would you rather be known as a good mom or good housekeeper?” 

I knew exactly where I stood and that certainly resonated with me and helped me put things in perspective.  Fact of the matter is that most women tend to struggle with the demands, most often self-imposed, of parenting, being a wife, working, being a cook and housekeeper, etc.  And what is important to highlight is that so much of it is SELF-IMPOSED!  We do it to ourselves. 

If I leave for a 3 day conference, my husband does not insist I prepare countless meals and arrange playdates in advance, yet, I used to feel compelled to do it.  He never even murmured any such requests.  After communicating with my spouse, I perhaps, make one meal and make sure he knows where all sporting events will be held and their times. 

And, guess what?  Everyone always gets where they need to be when they need to be there and they all get fed.  It may not be the way I would have done it or be what I would have fed them but everyone is no worse for wear upon my return.

Most women tend to struggle with the demands of parenting, being a wife, working, being a cook and housekeeper, etc. So much of it is self-imposed.

I must relay that I think it is so important to have something to look forward to day in and day out.  Being a full time stay at home mom certainly has its rewards, but it can be brutal.  Women who used to be in a work environment, more than likely, enjoyed some praise for jobs well done… it’s unlikely that wee Baby is offering up:

“You did a great job changing my diaper today, Mommy… let me offer you a pay raise.” 

Make plans to go out with a that friend for a bite to eat, nail painting, a walk or hike… or get a sitter

and schedule date night with your spouse.  Getting time away recharges and re-energizes us for the parenting tasks that lie ahead.  Absence does make the heart grow fonder!!

I came across this article which resonated with me and I think it will with many women trying to do it all!  Enjoy…

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